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CFS2 Aircraft
The latest additions are an updated weapons pack and the infrastructure package of tent hangars, trucks and an AA gun. More trucks to follow.
Click to download Updated! World War I weapons for use with our aircraft and campaign. The new addition is a 25 pound Cooper for the SE5a to go along with the 12.5 Kg P.u.W. bomb and carriers, a 20 lb Cooper bomb, 112 Royal Labratories bomb, and a LePrieur rocket for ballon busting. Last updated 8/10/2008. Size 51.1K
Click to download Updated! Tent Hangars, Stone wall, Trucks and AA gun - Two sizes of the tent hangar, a British Ambulance, a light truck, stone wall and a 7.7 cm AA gun in one package. Erardo provided the textures for the stone wall and tent hangars. See the readme file for installation instructions. Small hangar is sized for a BE2c or LVG. Last updated 8/27/2008. Size 577K
Click to download Gauges - This should be all the gaues used in the AeroCrate aircraft. Let me know if you find any missing ones. I do not have any source information on these gauges. If you know where any of these gauges came from please let me know so I can give proper credit. Last updated 10/17/2007.
Click to download Mission Sounds - Sounds used in or missions created by Blondi. Last updated 3/13/2007.
Click to download Morton's Panels - Morton has sent me a set of panels for most of the AeroCrate aircraft along with different prop texture, pilot, etc. The pilot is of the dp loadout type so it will not be visible in enemy aircraft in quick combat and disappears in missions if you warp. The panels are very nice. Check them out. Last updated 7/18/2007. Size 3.57M