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Gary Aumaugher lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, along with the love of his life, two mutts and a whole mess of stringed instruments.

He was fascinated with flying since he could walk. He worked at a local airfield for flying time and soloed when he was 16. He intended to go into aeronautical engineering but switched to electrical engineering to keep his guitar amp working.

This proved to be a good move for his career path, going to work for Gibson Guitar in the old Kalamazoo plant, current home of Heritage Guitars. After spending nine years working with the most talented instrument designers in the world, he went off to a new love, computers.

Gary worked in the computer revolution from the ground up, involved in all phases of manufacturing and testing. Then it was on to industrial automation and control systems.

During this time he was bitten by the writing bug. Fifteen years later, the ePublishing world is finally coming of age and he has placed his first novel on sale.

Now, when not writing, he performs research in the use of renewable energy and power distribution efficiency in an attempt to compensate for all the electrical power he shoved through amps in his misspent youth.

All reader feedback is welcome. Contact him at gaumaugher@aerocrate.com.