One Bright Day

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In the middle 1700ís, an accident causes Rachelís unusual talent to become exposed to her small Pennsylvania farming community. She has the ability to feel her daughterís pain, and their strong emotions such as fear, just as they can feel hers. As a result, her family is branded as unholy and ostracized by her neighbors. Their only option is to move to where they are not known, and to where Rachel teaches her daughters to hide this ability and never let an outsider into their closed circle.

As the generations pass, another family characteristic becomes obvious. None of Rachelís descendants ever give birth to a son. Right before the outbreak of World War II, Doctor Irene Moore, one of Rachelís descendants, discovers an even more extraordinary ability hidden inside them. With this new revelation their exposure becomes just a matter of time.

Now, seventy years later, their discovery is at hand. When the media portrays their attempts to avoid discovery as a plot to destroy mankind, the die is cast. A senior Senator sees the publicís violent reaction as an opportunity to capture the presidency and sets a plan in motion to destroy this new threat to humanity.

Christine Landis, a lawyer with the Justice Department and granddaughter of Dr. Moore is thrust into the role as leader of the new race. As they attempt to survive in a hostile new reality, the future of their new people hangs in the balance. One little girl holds the key to their future. Though Jasmine in only five years old, she is about to take them on a journey they had never imagined.

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