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This story is wonderfully written and has plenty of action and thought provoking scenes. In many ways, One-Bright Day reminds of the late Michael Crichton's work and his ability to take plausible science fiction concepts and challenge our beliefs as to what is possible. If you like science fiction with heart, this book is for you. I found that the story line challenged my initial thoughts and viewpoints and then as I read on, I began to see the things from a whole new perspective. As the story developed I found myself total engrossed in the characters and becoming one with them in their struggle - hoping for justice and fairness. By the way, did I mention this book has real kick-butt action as well? I would tell you more, but I don't want to spoil your fun. I'll be looking for the sequel! - mister roboto

A GREAT read. I couldn't put it down. Science fiction, suspense thriller and the perfect monster - a politician that thinks he can control the world. WHAT AN AWESOME BOOK!!!! Thanks for a great read; when do we get the sequel? - ETNKindlereader

When I downloaded this book, "One Bright Day in the Middle of the Night",I was very pleasantly surprised. The book has everything I need in a novel: mystery, intrigue, sci fi, a little romance, a few chuckles and a few tears. The author has an excellent knowledge of the subjects covered in the book: guns, computers, safety issues, relationships, etc. All in all, a very good, exciting read.- granny

what a good book. i am not really a sci-fi reader, however, this wasn't your normal sci-fi book. i really felt the emotions of the characters during the story. This book would be a great book club book because it brings up a lot of good questions and conversational topics about relationships and prejudices. The book flows really nice and i found that i couldn't put it down. - shannylinn

This is a great book that I could not put down! This is a new author who needs to get more books out there. I am ready for another! - Mom of 2

This is not your typical sci-fi book. There are no alien monsters or spaceships, it is a very good current-day fictional story dealing with human emotions and prejudice and how people are always afraid of things they don't understand. It reads very easily and it captures your interest throughout. If you are looking for a good, fresh storyline, I highly recommend this read. - mudderdog

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